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to Montessori Wellness – your learning and professional development hub on all-things well-being, the Montessori way.

Let your journey begin with our inaugural course: Montessori Movement.

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Online Course: Montessori Movement 


Are you a Montessori educator at any age level? A Physical Education teacher working in a Montessori setting? A parent applying Montessori principles at home? If so, you need to learn about movement in Montessori! Why? Movement is both a core component of Montessori education, and a key driver of wellness.

This self-paced course is your gateway to a deep dive into Dr. Montessori's original approach to movement. You will explore her pioneering idea of physical activity as a catalyst for learning, as well as her distinctive take on Movement Education.

Going a step further, you will uncover how the concept of movement connects to other key Montessori principles, and gain valuable insights for incorporating movement into your practice, both in the classroom and during Physical Education.
Completing the learning experience, a bonus module will guide you through considerations for children with disabilities
, to help you create an inclusive environment.

Discover the Benefits...

Explore movement and physical activity in Montessori from a unique and authentic perspective.

Foster well-being in your classroom and beyond through physical activity, a key pillar of wellness.

Fuel your inspiration by listening to Dr. Montessori's original words, carefully curated to focus on those related to movement.

Enjoy an engaging and accessible learning experience through innovative infographic presentations.

Transform your understanding with an impactful analysis, uncovering the "why" behind the "what" and the "how" of the Montessori approach to movement.

Experience flexible learning, on your own schedule and from anywhere.

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...And More

Receive a Certificate of Completion to acknowledge your dedication to growth

Earn Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours from American Montessori Society (AMS).

Get Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from Loyola University Maryland - ASPIRE.

Take a Sneak Peek Inside

What Other Montessorians Are Saying

“The Montessori Wellness training has been very helpful for our AMI teachers in understanding the importance of movement in the first years of life. This well-structured training consists of two parts: a theoretical and a practical component. In the theoretical part, the training effectively conveys the significance of movement within the Montessori method for children's motor development. In practical terms, we truly enjoyed putting concepts into practice. All in all, it is a very comprehensive, high-quality, and recommendable training for Montessori centers. Thank you!"

Squinty smiley_edited_edited.png

 - Isis Lopez, AMI 3-6 Guide, Montessori Jeronimos, Spain - 

Squinty smiley_edited_edited.png

“This curriculum is terrific! I think you truly captured the essence of Montessori and movement. Here are a few components that stood out for me: 

  • Your graphics are very clear - good idea to use a minimalist approach with full text of your narrative.

  • I appreciate your on-going connection with Practical Life, as well as some references to language and cognitive development.

  • Great to see such a clear explanation of Montessori's use of the term "gymnastics", particularly from a functional perspective. 

  • I love that you brought in both community and nature.

  • Really wonderful to see Barbara Luborsky (occupational therapist and frequent Montessori conference presenter) in your module addressing children who have disabilities. 

It is a powerful curriculum that could support all Montessorians (regardless of how long they have been teaching) learn more about movement. I am so glad you are sharing it!”

- Ann Epstein, Ph.D., Professor and former Children's House guide, Early Childhood Education Program Director, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse - 

“Exceptional in content and delivery. Should be required training for those in education..."

 - Elizabeth R., Lead Toddler Teacher, Sun Grove Montessori, Florida - 

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About Us

Our journey started in the area of physical development. Montessori Gym was born to offer a more authentic approach to movement and exercise in Montessori. 

Nourished by the love and support from the Montessori community, and inspired by its changing needs, our vision has expanded to capture the more holistic idea of wellness. It has also evolved to focus more directly on our core purpose: education

Montessori Wellness is our butterfly. The next chapter in our Montessori adventure.


Our cosmic task is to promote a deeper understanding of the connections between Montessori pedagogy and wellness practices, to support the physical, emotional and mental well-being of children and adults alike.

Meet our Founder

Barbara Murphy, PhD 

Passionate about education, Barbara holds a PhD from Northwestern University and a Montessori certificate from CGMS. She is also a recipient of the AMS 2021 Montessori Innovator Award.


As the mother of two while living in Milan, Italy, she fell in love with Montessori pedagogy.


After moving to Miami, Florida, Barbara founded what is now Montessori Wellness, with the vision of fostering well-being in and through Montessori.


Barbara has presented on movement and other wellness topics at several international, national, regional and state-wide Montessori conferences, including AMS The Montessori Event, AMI-USA Montessori Experience, as well as events hosted by Montessori Foundation/IMC, Cincinnati Montessori Society, Florida Montessori Coalition, Virginia Montessori Association, Montessori Association of North Carolina, Wisconsin Montessori Association, University of Wisconsin La Crosse, Montessori Schools of Massachusetts, Association of Illinois Montessori Schools, Utah Montessori Council, New York State Montessori Association, Montessori Alliance of Tennessee, South Carolina Montessori Alliance, Michigan Montessori Society, Southeast Montessori Collective, Hope Montessori Educational Institute and Childhood Potential.


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